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Pedestrian in New York dies after being struck by car

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2014 | Pedestrian Accidents |

On Dec. 1, a 36-year-old woman was struck and killed while another woman suffered injuries as the two pedestrians were walking on Route 197 in Argyle. The accident was reported at approximately 7:16 p.m., officials said. Law enforcement officials suspect that a 58-year-old man was the driver involved in the traffic accident.

Investigators reported that the women were both walking south toward Argyle when a Buick sedan that was attempting to pass another vehicle swung into the path of the two pedestrians. It was not immediately clear where in the road the women were at the time of the incident.

The injured pedestrian was identified as a 40-year-old woman. She suffered broken bones but was in stable condition at a hospital, authorities reported. The 58-year-old driver who allegedly struck the two women did not suffer any injuries in the accident.

Law enforcement officials did not immediately file any criminal charges against the man. Officials purportedly found no indication that the man had been impaired or driving at excessive speeds. According to authorities, the area of Route 197 where the women were walking was poorly lit.

Car accidents carry the risk of causing serious injuries or even fatalities, above all when they involve pedestrians. In some cases, there is insufficient evidence to pursue criminal charges against a driver involved in a catastrophic auto-pedestrian crash, but that does not preclude the driver from being named as a defendant in a civil lawsuit in connection with the accident. While the family of deceased pedestrians may be eligible to file a wrongful death claim, injured pedestrians may enlist a personal injury attorney and file a claim.

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