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Roadways Are For Bikes And Scooters, Too

New York is no stranger to alternative transportation, and the rise of bike and scooter sharing programs just adds to the many forms of movement in our city. Unfortunately, this also means that more and more individuals on bicycles and scooters are suffering from roadway accidents, often leaving them with serious injury.

Throughout the Law Offices of Eric H. Green and Associates’s more than 40-year tenure in New York City, our attorneys have been a critical means of support for accident victims citywide. We work across the boroughs to obtain the most out of personal injury settlements so that you can recover in peace. Meet with our team for free and start your recovery on the right foot.

Driver Inattention Puts Others At Risk

Distracted driving is the primary cause of accidents on our roads, and, for people on bicycles and scooters, the results can be deadly. There is no excuse for not paying attention to others on the road, and our attorneys hold drivers accountable.

You may be worried that your injuries are not “serious enough,” and at your free consultation, we will review your case in-depth and offer you reliable, time-tested legal advice. We regularly represent individuals with a wide range of medical needs, from broken bones to head injuries. You can trust that we will be straight-forward and on your side.

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New York has a statute of limitations that means waiting for too long to call about your injury may result in courts dismissing your case. In general, you have up to three years to file. In reality, the sooner you ask for help, the better. Do not wait to speak with us and get the valuable legal advice that you need.