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Creating Support Structures For Individuals With Traumatic Brain Injuries

We like to think of our brains as well-protected, especially because they are the center of our personality and identity. In reality, it does not take much for a fall or a car accident to leave you or your loved one with a serious brain injury and, consequently, as a radically different person living a radically different life.

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A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Changes Your Every Day

Doctors may warn you about the medical implications of a TBI, but that does not prepare you for the practical realities of living with a loved one who has a serious brain injury, especially if that person was a primary source of income for your family. In reality, you may need to contend with:

  • Caring for a loved one who cannot care for their basic needs
  • Finding, managing and paying for in-home caregivers to support your loved one
  • The emotional burden of a changed personality, including changed dynamics in your home
  • Financial hardship from lost income

If your injury was the result of another person’s negligence, we fight to get you the support you need to recover and adapt.

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