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Attorney Eric Green founded our firm over 40 years ago, and, in that time, we have been proud to represent thousands of New York’s injured. In that time, we have always strived to support our clients with clear, compassionate and zealous representation.

Below are some of the most common questions people ask us, but please know that your case may be different and the answers may change based on your situation. For complete, personalized answers reach Law Offices of Eric H. Green and Associates by phone at 516-794-2750 or by email and set up a time to talk with us.

How long will my case take?

Every situation is different, and factors like how many parties are involved with your case, how extensive your injuries are and how you sustained your injuries can all impact how long a case takes. The biggest time limitation to know is the statute of limitations. For most injuries, including car accidents, you need to file within 3 years of your injury date or the courts will no longer take your case.

Can I see a doctor if my case is not finished?

Yes. Please, do not put off medical care. A full and accurate assessment of your injuries is vital to your case, and you should attend to your ongoing medical needs.

Who pays for the medical bills?

In most cases, your settlement will reimburse you for any medical bills you have paid out of pocket and provide you with additional financial support for your continuing care.

What can I expect from a settlement?

Personal injury settlements often provide for more than just medical care. They also provide compensation for your time away from work, any lifestyle changes your injury requires and your pain and suffering.