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Supporting Manhattan’s Injured Construction Workers

Under the law, everyone is entitled to a safe work area. This applies to construction sites as well as office work spaces.

The Law Offices of Eric H. Green and Associates aggressively pursues compensation on behalf of injured workers in cases involving:

  • Falls from ladders and scaffolding
  • Burns and electrical injuries
  • Construction vehicle accidents
  • Cave-ins and excavation injuries

In every case, the firm’s goal is to help the client obtain medical care and maximum compensation.

Building a Strong and Persuasive Case

The Law Offices of Eric H. Green and Associates builds its cases the same way a construction worker erects a building — from the ground up.

The firm’s attorneys will carefully research your case to document the negligence or liability of the responsible parties. They will also identify lost wages, the pain and suffering of the victim and the medical care needed for recovery.

New York’s Ladder and Scaffolding Law

In New York state, a construction accident involving a ladder or scaffolding places strict liability on the property owner as well as on negligent third parties. This set of laws is a powerful tool for obtaining compensation for construction accident victims. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Eric H. Green and Associates have handled many ladder and scaffolding cases and understand how to use this tool to obtain compensation for their clients.

You May Have Two Claims

If your construction accident was the result of the negligence of a third party or involved a ladder or scaffolding, you may have two claims — a workers’ compensation claim and a third-party construction claim. In a third-party claim, you can obtain additional compensation for your pain and suffering, which may far exceed the workers’ compensation benefits you receive.

The Law Offices of Eric H. Green and Associates focuses on third-party claims and works closely with workers’ compensation lawyers to coordinate their activities on behalf of injured workers. The goal of the firm is to maximize the compensation the client receives from all sources.

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