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Slip-And-Fall Injuries Cause Serious Damage. We Have Serious Support.

A wet floor or broken sidewalk can result in a nasty fall and serious injuries. If you have suffered injuries due to a property owner’s negligence, you may be entitled to claim compensation for the costs of your medical treatment and physical therapy, any lost wages and your pain and suffering.

The Law Offices of Eric H. Green and Associates has succeeded on behalf of clients in numerous cases involving slip-and-fall and premises liability claims. The firm’s attorneys are knowledgeable, experienced and determined to prevail for their clients. We will thoroughly investigate your accident, identify the medical treatment and rehabilitation services you need and work to obtain maximum compensation for you.

The Law Offices of Eric H. Green and Associates represents clients throughout the New York metropolitan area, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and elsewhere in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester County, Rockland County and Putnam County, serving residents as well as tourists and visitors to New York.

Act Quickly to Protect Your Right to Compensation

Evidence of a slippery floor or other dangerous condition can disappear quickly after an accident.

If you have suffered injuries in a slip-and-fall or a trip-and-fall accident, you should do the following to protect your right to obtain compensation:

  • Report the accident to the property owner.
  • Get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses.
  • Write down your recollection of the event.
  • Keep a diary of the pain you are suffering and other effects the accident has had on your life.

Then, contact the Law Offices of Eric H. Green and Associates for a free consultation. An attorney can review your case and discuss the steps the firm can take to help you obtain the medical care and compensation you deserve.

If your accident occurred on public property, you have only 90 days to file a notice of claim. Accidents on private property have a longer, but no less strict statute of limitations.

Free Consultation With a Lawyer

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