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HLDI data shows what new vehicles generate most insurance claims

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Collision avoidance systems, multiple in-car airbags and other advanced features are making cars safer than ever in New York. However, as long as there is a human factor behind the wheel, accidents will happen. The Highway Loss Data Institute has some data regarding 2014 to 2016 vehicle models that can be eye-opening to some.

Using this data, Forbes compiled a list of the 10 vehicles that have generated the most personal injury insurance claims. The Mitsubishi Lancer was at the top, generating 215 claims every year. This is double the industry average of 100. This was followed by other models from automakers like Kia, Nissan and Chevrolet.

The majority of the vehicles were small, light cars, which makes sense from a physics point of view: Larger cars will naturally protect their occupants better in a crash. There were exceptions like the larger four-door Dodge Charger, which generated 175 claims, and the Toyota Corolla iM, a station wagon.

On the other hand, sports cars generate the lowest amount of insurance claims. This is partly because they are driven for fewer miles and usually carry a single passenger. Very large pick-ups have a claims frequency around 45, followed by large luxury SUVs with a frequency of 55.

When driver error is behind a car accident, those who are not at fault or only partially at fault may be able to file for compensation. A personal injury lawyer might assist with the claim by hiring investigators to gather the proof of negligence, and he or she may negotiate on the victim’s behalf with the auto insurance company. If the other side makes a low settlement offer, the victim may be able to take the case to court. Ultimately, the victim might be compensated for medical bills, lost wages, vehicle damage and other losses.