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Roundabouts reducing accident severity in rural areas

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Roundabouts can be an effective deterrent to car accidents in rural areas, especially as compared to straightaways with stop signs. New York readers who drive long distances or frequently drive in rural areas might be interested to learn that more roundabouts are being implemented. Roundabouts force drivers to slow down, reducing the severity of accidents. They may be more effective than red, yellow and green traffic signals.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation has been installing roundabouts at intersections in the rural parts of the state and estimates that one roundabout will save the state $2.5 million per year by lowering injury and accident costs. The department plans to continue building roundabouts at intersections in rural areas. It is part of the Vision Zero initiative, a program that involves educators, engineers, emergency workers and law enforcement with the goals of zero traffic fatalities and safer roads for everyone.

Two-lane rural highways in the U.S. sometimes see high-speed crashes. Drivers who don’t want to obey traffic lights have long straightaways where they can gather speed. Traffic lights have been shown to reduce the number of car accidents, but the crashes that do happen are more likely to result in serious injuries.

Individuals who are injured in car accidents in New York might be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages or other damages. In a case where another driver’s actions or negligence caused the accident, an attorney might help by gathering evidence in support of the client’s claim or by attempting to negotiate settlement with at-fault parties and their insurers. In a case where settlement cannot be reached, an attorney with experience in personal injury law might draft and file a complaint for damages in civil court.