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Autos with the latest technology can pose safety risks

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Safety risks with vehicles are typically associated with some sort of defect inherent in the vehicle in question. Some part or system does not function as designed and causes a potential safety issue, and the driver, despite operating the vehicle in an otherwise safe manner and as intended, is placed at risk. Today’s automobiles sold in New York are manufactured with varying inclusions of the latest technology available, but not all of these are aimed at enhancing or improving the functionality or safety of the driving experience. In fact, the issue arises whether some of these technologies should be placed in a vehicle at all.

Initially, it should be noted that what is called distracted driving has become a leading cause of injury crashes. In a AAA-sponsored study, researchers observed that the even a seemingly benign activity such as listening to the radio can, on some level, be distracting. Activities that require a combination of cognitive focus, the use of the hands and visual activity are the most distracting and cause the driver to lose focus on the task of driving for the longest period of time.

While it has been shown that a driver doubles the risk of an accident when taking his or her eyes off the road for as little as 2 seconds, such tasks as using a GPS or texting can be distracting for as long as 40 seconds. One of the important conclusions of the study is to remind drivers that simply because a technology is included with a new car, it is not necessarily safe to use while driving.

Ultimately, responsibility for the safe and reasonable use of an automobile falls on the individual driver. A personal injury lawyer may be able to help determine if a car accident was the fault of a negligent driver.