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What’s the difference between car and trucking accidents?

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2021 | Injuries |

It may seem obvious to say that trucking accidents are different from car accidents. However, it is more than just the difference in the vehicle sizes that puts trucking accidents in a category of their own. New York drivers may have many more factors to consider when facing the implications and outcomes of an accident with a big rig.

The most apparent difference between a crash with another passenger vehicle and a crash with an 18-wheeler is the size of the truck. Tractor-trailers can weigh as much as eight times that of a car, and they may take twice as much distance to come to a stop. This means the slightest error on the part of a truck operator has the potential to cause an accident resulting in catastrophic injuries for the occupants of a smaller vehicle. Common trucking errors include the following:

  • loaders not securing cargo properly
  • mechanics failing to check the condition of brakes and other systems
  • drivers neglecting to monitor the condition of their tires
  • drivers not complying with federal laws regarding rest breaks
  • drivers allowing distractions behind the wheel
  • trucking companies hiring drivers who are unqualified
  • trucking companies placing unrealistic expectations on their drivers

As one can see, the liability in a truck accident may extend far beyond the driver. Therefore, another critical difference between a car accident and a truck accident is the complexity involved in the investigation of such accidents. When someone suffers life-changing injuries or loses a loved one in a trucking accident, they will want a thorough and aggressive investigation to uncover who is responsible.