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New York car accident claims 2 lives, causes 2 injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Two people have sadly lost their lives in a recent motor vehicle collision. The accident occurred along Route 17 on a Friday night. Sometimes these types of accidents occur as the result of a driver’s negligence, which is grounds for litigation.  

How the accident happened 

According to police, the motor vehicle accident happened when a man, 50, was driving west along the highway’s eastbound lanes. The man then reportedly collided with a car carrying five people. Police said the impact of the two motor vehicles caused the second automobile to spin and then strike a guardrail.  

The man who was driving the first automobile ended up being ejected from the car and was taken to a medical center with serious injuries. The 27-year-old woman who was driving the second car was also transported to a hospital with injuries. Both drivers passed away as a result of their injuries. Meanwhile, two children in the second car suffered minor injuries in the collision. 

Seeking justice following the accident 

If police determine that the man’s negligence behind the wheel caused the accident, the surviving loved ones of the woman who died in the crash may choose to file a wrongful death claim, seeking damages. Even though the man who reportedly caused the crash died in the wreck, his estate could still be named in the wrongful death suit. In addition, any other person who had an ownership interest in the car he was driving at the time of the crash could also be named in the suit. A claim that is fought successfully might result in monetary damages to cover the woman’s burial costs and other expenses resulting from the New York collision.