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Tragic Amsterdam crash claims woman’s life

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2022 | Car Accidents |

A woman has sadly lost her life in a tragic motor vehicle collision. The accident occurred on a recent Tuesday night. Sometimes these types of crashes take place as a result of a driver’s carelessness, in which case the reportedly at-fault driver might be held liable for injuries or deaths stemming from the accident.

How the accident happened

The unfortunate car crash took place at about 8 p.m. According to police, a man was driving a car in the vicinity of Wilkes Avenue and Northampton Road. All of a sudden, the car hit a phone pole at the intersection of these two streets. Police said that, when they arrived at the accident scene, they noticed that the telephone pole was severed, and live wires were on the ground. They also said that the car was heavily damaged.

The male driver had allegedly been ejected from the motor vehicle and was lying on the road when they responded to the crash. He received treatment at the crash scene and was then taken by helicopter to a medical center, where his condition was deemed stable. Meanwhile, a 30-year-old female passenger was trapped in the motor vehicle. Responders managed to rescue her and take her to the hospital by ambulance, but she was later pronounced deceased as a result of her injuries.

Legal recourse may be possible following the crash

The surviving loved ones of the woman who died in the crash may opt to file a wrongful death claim against the male driver, seeking the reimbursement of monetary damages. They must establish liability, based upon a showing of negligence, before a New York civil court will decide their claim for damages. If they are successful in court, they could receive a financial damage award that can help them to cover the woman’s hospital expenses, burial costs and other losses resulting from the fatal accident.