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Tragic head-on car accident leaves 1 dead and injures another

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2022 | Car Accidents |

A man’s life has sadly been cut short in a tragic head-on car crash in Plattsburg. The motor vehicle accident also left at least one individual with injuries. The accident took place during the early morning hours on a recent Friday.

Events leading up to the wreck

The unfortunate incident occurred at about 11:49 a.m. According to police, a 43-year-old man was driving south along a road. He then reportedly crashed into another motor vehicle. The man passed away at the accident scene.

Police said four passengers were in the second car at the time of the accident, and two of them were children. All four individuals were taken to a medical center for evaluation. One was determined to have injuries that were not deemed life-threatening. Authorities continue to investigate the crash.

Seeking compensation and justice

New York police may determine that the accident occurred as a result of the first car driver’s negligence, such as speeding or driving while distracted. In this situation, the injured passenger from the second car may opt to file a personal injury claim, seeking the reimbursement of monetary damages. Although the man who reportedly caused the accident died in the crash, his estate may still be sued. In addition, anyone with an ownership interest in the car he was operating at the time of the accident could be sued.

If liability is established in civil court, based upon a showing of negligence, a judge will decide the plaintiff’s claim for damages. Financial damages cannot undo the events that led up to the accident. However, a monetary damage award may help the injured passenger cover medical bills and the loss of wages resulting from the accident.