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Teen drivers involved in more deadly crashes

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2015 | Car Accidents |

According to many behavioral experts, people under the age of 21 have an invincibility complex that causes them to believe they can engage in risky driving behaviors without consequences. Because of this, young drivers cause a disproportionate number of fatal car accidents in New York and across the United States.

For example, drivers under the age of 21 make up approximately 10 percent of all licensed drivers nationwide, but they cause around 17 percent of all fatal drunk driving accidents. Many states have attempted to curb the problem by adopting strict drunk driving laws for underage drivers, but legislation has done little to solve the problem. Every year, around 2,000 teens die in drunk driving accidents.

Meanwhile, texting while behind the wheel recently surpassed drunk driving as the top killer of teens in the U.S. Texting and driving, which studies indicate increases the risk of an accident by 23 times, causes the deaths of over 3,000 teens each year. Many observers feel that the best method for addressing the issue is to educate teens about the dangers of distracted and drunk driving. Parents should make clear that texting while driving or driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs are never an option and establish consequences for engaging in such activities.

Car accidents cause thousands of severe injuries and permanent disabilities across the nation each year. Any New York resident who has been injured in an auto accident caused by a drunk or distracted driver may wish to consult with an attorney. It may be possible to file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver seeking compensation for damages. If the suit is successful, an injured victim could be awarded compensation for current and long-term medical expenses, lost wages and other damages that were incurred.