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Fall driving can be dangerous in New York

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2019 | Car Accidents |

The weather in New York can be highly unpredictable in the fall. A balmy morning can turn into a frigid afternoon, dense patches of fog often cling to the roads well into the morning and clear skies can quickly become darkened by heavy rain clouds. Rapidly changing weather conditions can make driving more hazardous at any time of the year, but sudden storms and fluctuating temperatures can be particularly perilous in the fall.

The leaves that litter New York’s roads in October and November can become as dangerous as a sheet of ice after a thunderstorm, and they may also conceal road markings and potholes. The state’s abundant deer population also become far more active in the fall, which can make already treacherous roads even more dangerous. Other fall driving challenges include rush-hour sunsets, school buses and early-morning frost.

The best way to avoid a fall car accident is to slow down and expect the unexpected. Drivers should check weather reports before beginning their journeys and allow plenty of time for unexpected delays. They should also consider fitting fog lights to vehicles that do not already have them as using high beams in fog can cause glare and reduce visibility even further. Checking air pressures on a weekly basis is another prudent step to take in the fall as rapid temperature changes can cause tires to expand and contract.

Many fall accidents are caused by reckless drivers who fail to adjust to changing road conditions. Occupants of other vehicleswho are involved in such a crash often suffer serious injuries that prevent them from working and earning a paycheck. Experienced attorneys may file lawsuits on behalf of car accident victims that seek compensation for lost income as well as other financial outlays such as hospital bills and the cost of replacing damaged property.