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Single mother killed in New York collision

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2020 | Car Accidents |

A 39-year-old New York woman was killed in a car accident on Feb. 1 as she drove her 7-year-old son back to their home after they left a family birthday party. Her car crashed into a tree alongside Meadowbrook Parkway in North Merrick after another driver rammed into the back of her car, forcing the nurse off the road. A 26-year-old woman, the driver of the other vehicle, was arrested and charged. According to police, she was speeding before the crash.

The 26-year-old driver is facing charges of assault, vehicular manslaughter and DWI. Police say she was driving drunk during the late-night crash. The accident victim was a single mother; the 7-year-old is her youngest child, while her older children are adults. The boy was injured and had surgery on his arm to repair the damage. He is hospitalized, but his family members expect his release in the coming days. The boy looked for his mother’s phone to call 911 after the motor vehicle crash. Car accidents can be devastating for an entire family, especially when fatalities are involved.

In this case, the driver allegedly responsible for the crash is charged with drunk driving, but other kinds of negligent behavior also lead to severe injuries, permanent disabilities and fatalities. Drivers who text or email behind the wheel may be too distracted to operate their vehicles properly, leading to serious car accidents. Even people who have had too little sleep may pose a danger on the road, as drowsy drivers show similar impairments to drunk drivers.

Negligent driving can take a severe toll on injured people and the family members left behind after a motor vehicle collision fatality. A personal injury attorney may help car accident victims to pursue compensation for their medical bills, lost wages and other damages.