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New York man files claim against bicycle helmet company

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2021 | Bicycle Accidents |

A class action lawsuit led by a New York resident is making its way through a U.S. District Court. Trek Bicycles is the defendant and is accused of deceptive and false advertising regarding a specific line of bicycle helmets. The helmets in question are advertised as being protective against brain injuries, such as concussion.

Plaintiffs say the studies done were not reliable

The defendants reportedly advertised that the helmets provided as much as 48% more protection than similar helmets on the market. WaveCel is a proprietary protection system designed by a biochemical engineer and an orthopedic surgeon. The plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit have stated that the authors of the studies conducted to determine the effectiveness of the helmets held a financial interest in the product; therefore, such studies are not reliable due to conflict of interest. The claim against the helmet company also states that the studies did not use the exact helmets in question but rather other helmets that were modified using the same technology.

Company reps note that the lawsuit does not mention injuries

Trek representatives have publicly stated that they believe the class action legal claim regarding their helmets is without merit. Representatives noted that the legal claim bears no mention of any physical injuries that occurred in connection with the company’s helmets. The company says it plans on aggressively refuting the allegations and will continue its current marketing campaign for the helmets in question.

Options available for those injured in bicycle accidents

There are, of course, many types of bicycle helmets on the market today. When brain injuries occur as a result of New York bicycle accidents, it is logical to assume that recovering victims would want to investigate whether a failed product design or other factor was a direct cause of injury. If evidence exists that a specific helmet or bicycle was defective in some way, the person who suffered injury may pursue justice in a civil court.