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Pedestrians are unprotected and vulnerable when struck by cars

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2021 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Pedestrians in New York and elsewhere typically suffer life-changing injuries when they are struck by cars. Because they have none of the protection motorists have, their injuries are often life-threatening. Medical expenses, lost wages and other financial losses can have devastating economic consequences, not to mention long-term physical and emotional damages.

Sometimes, the injuries suffered are not immediately evident. Debilitating injuries could include the following:

  • brain injury
  • spine injury
  • neurological damage

Some of these traumatic injuries might even be overlooked during a visit to the ER immediately after the accident.

The sooner such injuries are identified and treated, the better will be the chances of maximum recovery. Victims of pedestrian accidents should look out for any of the following symptoms:

  • swelling, bruising and severe pain
  • tingling, pain, numbness or stiffness
  • dizziness, loss of balance or headaches
  • persistent weariness or blurred vision
  • mental fog and decreased focus
  • limited motion range or impaired mobility
  • inability to lift objects

There could be significant variations in these symptoms, depending on the severity of the accident injuries. The severity will also play a role in the long-term effects on the victim’s life enjoyment and ability to return to work.

Pedestrian accident victims in New York may have grounds to seek financial relief through the state’s civil justice system. Obtaining a monetary judgment in a personal injury lawsuit will only be possible if the plaintiff can prove negligence by another party. Documented claims could include past and future financial and emotional damages.