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2 dead, 1 injured following alleged DWI crash

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Two individuals have sadly passed away in a tragic car crash. Meanwhile, a third individual has suffered injuries in the wreck. Police said the accident was the result of drunk driving by a third individual, who has been arrested in connection with the accident. The collision took place on a recent Tuesday along Interstate 87.

Events leading up to the accident

Police said the recent New York wreck occurred when a 66-year-old man became intoxicated and then drove in the wrong lane along the interstate. He then reportedly collided with an automobile carrying a 27-year-old man, a 31-year-old woman and a third individual. The man and woman in the second automobile passed away as a result of  the crash. Meanwhile, the third person in the automobile suffered injuries and was therefore transported by helicopter to a medical center, where his or her condition was deemed stable.

Following the collision, the 66-year-old man was charged with vehicular assault (a second-degree felony) and driving while under the influence (a misdemeanor). If the man is convicted, he might spend 25 years behind bars.

Seeking help and support in the aftermath of these incidents

The surviving loved ones of the two individuals who died in the collision have the option of filing wrongful death claims against the man who allegedly caused the fatal accident. In the same way, the injured accident victim may file a personal injury claim seeking damages. If the arrested man is convicted at trial, proof of this may be provided in a New York civil court with the goal of establishing liability in the accident. A successfully litigated suit might result in the damages needed to cover losses stemming from the accident, such as funeral expenses and hospital bills.