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5 factors that could cause a truck accident

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2021 | Injuries |

When traveling New York roadways, seeing a big rig is likely not an unusual occurrence. Drivers in smaller vehicles typically want to put distance between their vehicles and these massive trucks. If a truck accident occurs, those in passenger vehicles stand little chance of walking away without injuries, and unfortunately, many factors on the part of truck drivers could contribute to serious accidents.

Driving a truck is a difficult occupation. These individuals have many obligations and face significant pressure from their employers to get their jobs done quickly. It is often this pressure that can lead truck drivers to participate in risky behavior that could easily cause an accident under the wrong circumstances.

In addition to taking risks like speeding or driving over allotted hours, truck drivers could put themselves and others on the road at risk due to the following factors:

  • not having enough experience to make good judgment calls in questionable situations
  • driving too closely to other vehicles in front of them
  • not being familiar with their truck and its design, which can sometimes contribute to blind spots
  • driving unfamiliar routes or hauling unfamiliar cargo that can change the way a driver needs to operate the rig
  • feeling fatigued and trying to continue driving, which runs the risk of drivers falling asleep behind the wheel

Any of these and many other factors could result in a serious truck accident. Often, it is unsuspecting drivers and passengers in smaller vehicles who bear the worst of the outcomes. If individuals find themselves seriously injured due to a trucking-related crash in New York, they may want to explore their legal options for holding those responsible accountable for damages.