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Alarming 2024 fatal accident statistics in New York City

On Behalf of | May 4, 2024 | Car Accidents |

Most motorists and pedestrians here in New York City and across the state realize there is typically going to be a certain level of danger when frequenting the roadways or areas within their vicinity. However, recent statistics show a frightening trend of fatal accidents taking place on and around the city’s streets. The numbers are in stark contrast to last year when there was a low rate of fatal incidents, and they are occurring despite the local government’s Vision Zero traffic safety initiative.

Specific details from the report

Pedestrian accidents have resulted in most of the reported deaths so far this year with 35 total victims fatally struck by motor vehicles. Reportedly, 24 individuals have succumbed to their injuries after either driving or being passengers in a car and becoming involved in an accident. There have also been seven reported fatalities of victims riding some type of bicycle along with three deadly accidents involving motorcyclists.

Actions are being taken to hopefully reverse these trends

The DOT is reportedly attempting to implement measures aimed at preventing fatalities and reversing these alarming trends. One such measure is called daylighting, where parking areas in close vicinity of intersections are removed to increase the visibility of motorists. More than 1,000 intersections across New York City are receiving this safety upgrade.

Where to turn for help and support

Hopefully, the DOT’s efforts will prove successful and the frightening number of fatal motor vehicle accidents will substantially decrease. Even if this is the case, the potential of being involved in an accident will always still exist for even the safest and most cautious of drivers. Fortunately, an experienced personal injury attorney can help those who suffered injuries and harm through no fault of their own pursue their rightful compensation that can help cover many of the unfortunate expenses they are now facing.