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What to do after a car accident

New York motorists who have been involved in an accident might consider visiting a lawyer to assist them with the legal aspects of filing a claim. Before beginning the process of filing a claim, the lawyer needs to receive several documents to get a whole picture of the situation.

Distracted driving: a real danger for all motorists

Many motorists on New York's roadways have probably seen other drivers preoccupied with their smartphones while at the wheel. Perhaps they were reading their emails, visiting a popular social networking website or even playing a video game, such as Pokémon Go. In any case, using a mobile phone device while driving accounts for around 25 percent of all vehicle wrecks, according to an estimate by the National Safety Council.

Tesla, others working to gather driver behavior data

As more companies work to increase the automation of the vehicles they manufacture, some are also installing systems that automatically upload data about the behavior of the drivers. Tesla is one company that manufactures vehicles that are sold in New York and that send information about driver behavior via the Internet.

Teen accident rates surge in the summer months

New York residents may not be surprised to learn that inexperienced motorists are more likely to be involved in an accident than those who have spent decades behind the wheel, but they may be shocked to learn just how much of a danger teen drivers represent to other road users. Data compiled by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reveals that accidents involving teen drivers claimed 2,927 lives in 2013, and individuals other than the teen motorist made up about two thirds of these fatalities.

Self-driving cars create new challenges for insurance companies

The rapidly developing technology of self-driving vehicles could result in these autonomous cars joining the flow of traffic in New York. Because this technology nearly eliminates human vehicle operation, insurance companies will need to consider new factors when developing insurance products for robotic transportation.

New braking systems could reduce distracted driver accidents

An agreement reached by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration with automakers producing almost all of the cars sold in the United States could result in a drastic drop in accidents caused to texting and driving in New York and other states by the year 2022. Automakers have agreed to install automatic braking systems in vehicles made or sold in this country.

Self-driving Google car has minor accident with bus

Even if self-driving cars might some day improve traffic flow in New York, Google still has fine tuning to accomplish with its autonomous car software. The technology company acknowledged that one of its test vehicles bore some responsibility for a low-speed accident with a bus on Feb. 14 in California.

Self-driving car software qualifies as a driver

New York motorists who are interested in self-driving cars may be interested to learn that U.S. vehicle safety regulators determined that the software behind these autonomous vehicles could be considered to be a driver under federal law. This is a major step for self-driving vehicles as many state safety rules are curbing companies' ability to complete testing and development.

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